Société Culturelle Franco-Allemande

Quatuor Invierno

A taste of what's to come before the musical week from August 5th to 10th.
On July 26th at 8:30 PM in the Saint-Pierre Church of Auvillar, there will be a concert by the Quatuor Invierno.

Société Culturelle Franco-Allemande

2024 Semaine Musicale

German-French Music Week

Société Culturelle Franco-Allemande

Relive the best moments

Our activities

Semaine Musicale

For a whole week in August we sing, play, and sometimes dance beneath the old Hall thanks to the musicians from Tübingen.

The Programme

- Evenings: Musical impromptus

- Wednesdays: Musical picnic

- During the week, concerts may be organized in other magical venues

- The Week concludes with a grand concert at Saint-Pierre Church

Further Concerts

The SFA is organizing further concerts, ideally featuring local ensembles.

Our Mission

The SFA wishes to continue to enable the cultural exchange and to foster the german-french friendship.

The Village Gatherings

In preparation for the Auvillar Christmas Market, the villagers roll up their sleeves to make Christmas biscuits and breads.

The Christmas Market

To contribute to the life of the village and finance the expenses of the association, several members and residents of Auvillar come together to make all kinds of German specialties: cinnamon stars, gingerbread men, Apfelbrot, mandarin biscuits, Basler Leckerli, Brunsli, Lebkuchen.

Our objectives

Making culture accessible to all

The concerts offered throughout the year are free and suitable for all audiences.

Building a bridge between European countries

Since 1985, the establishment and deepening of Franco-German cultural and friendly exchanges in Auvillar.

Enriching the cultural life of the Comm. of Communes

Promoting the Auvillar heritage which contributes to the success of concerts and the organization of artists’ residencies.

Our history

2011 - 2017
From 2017 to present

Thank you!

Thank you to the new members in France, Germany, and the United States who have chosen to pay their subscription online and support our cause!

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