The Sestina, 23rd of March at 5 p.m.

Join us on the 23rd of March 2024 at 5 p.m. in the Chapel of St. Catherine at the port of Auvillar!

The programme

J. Dowland (1563-1626): Can she excuse my wrongs
G.F. Haendel (1685-1759): Obey my will/ All I must grant (extrait de Semele), Lascia ch’io pianga
H. Purcell (1659-1695): Sonata 1 (extrait des Sonnata’s of III parts 1683)
W. Byrd (1543-1623): Ave verum corpus
W. Locke (1621-1677): Air Allemande n°5 et 3
J. Dowland (1563-1626): Flow my tears
G.F. Haendel: The people walked in darkness (extrait du Messie)
H. Purcell: When I am laid (extrait de Didon et Enée)
T. Tomkins (1572-1656): Pavane et allemande
J. Farmer (1570-1605): Fair Phyllis
J. Dowland (1562-1626): Fine knacks for ladies

28th Semaine Musicale

Musicians from Tübingen meet in Auvillar to rehearse and perfrom under the leadership of music director Hans Walter Maier. The following program awaits this summer:

The programme

Monday 5th August | 7:00 pm

Welcome of the Tübingen orchestra and opening of the Music Week under the Auvillar Hall.

Tuesday 6th August | 9:00 pm

Impromptu musical in the courtyard of the Auvillar tourist office.

Wednesday 7th August | 8:00pm

Piquenique Musical under the Auvillar Hall, organized by the association.

A buffet with Franco-German specialties is prepared by the members and villagers.

Musical accompaniment by the musicians from Tübingen

Friday 9th August | 8:00 PM

Concert at St. Peter’s Church in Auvillar.

Concert Program:
Mass by Johann Nepumuk Hummel
A variety of choral and chamber pieces 

Saturday 10th August | 8pm

Closing impromptu in front of St. Peter’s Church in Auvillar.

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